IQOS ILuma Prime Gold Khaki

The IQOS ILUMA ONE is a minimalist and simple all-in-one device. The device's battery is designed for 20 uses without recharging, always ready to use.
All IQOS ILUMA gadgets are based on the new SMARTCORE INDUCTION SYSTEM™ tobacco heating technology.
The new IQOS ILUMA gadgets require special sticks - HEETS TEREA with a built-in heating element. The tobacco in the new sticks is completely "sealed". So the tobacco particles will not fall out and remain inside the charger.

Important to add: TEREA sticks cannot be used with other IQOS models. If you try to insert them into IQOS DUO or IQOS 2.4 Plus, you risk breaking the heating blade. Regular Heets and Fiit sticks cannot be used with IQOS Iluma devices.
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