Heets Turquoise Label

Box of 10 packs

Intensity Flavour: 2/5

Saturation Flavor: 2/5

Aroma Flavour: 1/5

Freshness Flavour: 3/5

Description flavour
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Description flavour

Fans of menthol flavors in cigarettes can surely choose heets turquoise label in a turquoise pack. The producer created fresh sticks with a pronounced menthol taste and spicy notes. They are great for refreshing in hot weather and even are invigorating.

Heets turquoise is especially popular among girls and young people. After smoking IQOS with these sticks, you will not feel the aftertaste of tobacco. Products give exceptional freshness of breath and a slight chill. The aroma is not pronounced and completely disappears after 10-15 minutes. For strength, heets turquoise label flavor should be considered as light, since the tobacco content in them is minimal. In addition to freshness, there are spicy notes that are felt during smoking.

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