Heets Amber Label

Box of 10 packs

Intensity Flavour: 3/5

Saturation Flavor: 3/5

Aroma Flavour: 5/5

Description flavour
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Description flavour

Only those who quit smoking or fans of strong cigarettes choose HEATS amber. This is one of the strongest types of sticks, the taste of which is as close as possible to cigarettes. Despite the absence of elements of the burning process of smoking, you can feel the rich taste of selected tobacco leaves.

Many consumers attribute the lack of bright flavorings (fruits, menthol) to the advantages of this type of sticks. Heets amber label tobacco sticks has an original and bright aftertaste. You can clearly feel the woody notes. The combination of wood, distant notes of nut and tobacco create a harmonious taste of amber heets. The manufacturer placed amber in a package with bright orange inserts. These bundles are preferred by men for everyday use.

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