Heets Green Zing

Box of 10 packs

Intensity Flavour: 3/5

Saturation Flavor: 2/5

Aroma Flavour: 4/5

Description flavour
Delivery Policy

Description flavour

Owners of IQOS who are tired of the usual tobacco taste or prefer unusual combinations choose heats green label. Radically different from strong options, green heets are popular among both men and women including young people.

Green sticks are perfect for those who quit or start smoking. The tobacco content is kept to a minimum. Experienced smokers buy them to diversify the usual tobacco heets. The original taste is achieved due to the presence of menthol and citrus (lime) accents in the composition. It is this combination that gives heets green label flavor a fresh taste, with a slight sourness. It is worth noting - presence in the aroma of spicy herbal notes. It is very easy to find this type of heets. Sticks are placed in a pack with bright green inserts.

Delivery Policy

Vape SA delivers to cities in Saudi Arabia
Jeddah - delivery within 1 day, delivery to other cities within 3 days

Delivery is free for all orders above 5 boxes, otherwise charged 60 SAR

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