Heets Sienna Label

Sienna Label sticks been available in a traditional white cardboard box with red stripes on the sides. The style is basic and also laconic, there are no unneeded components. The pack is compact in dimension, that makes it functional to make use of.

The maker tries to mark the preferences of the stick to the assistance of shade. This is really practical for customers in the store to select the choice they desire. As an example, green or blue-green indicates the presence of mint or menthol. Traditional cigarettes taste like stick to yellow or orange stripes on the product packaging

Sienna Label sticks have excellent quality cigarette, particularly cut as well as impregnated with glycerin to generate water vapor. To improve the preference, there are notes of tea tree and timber. The preference is sharp. Furthermore, it is lighter than standard cigarettes. Sticks belong to the center group of stamina, appropriate for those that want to surrender the traditional means of cigarette smoking.
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